Bowmore 10 Years Aston Martin dark intense

Bowmore 10 Years Aston Martin (2021)

Much has been said about Bowmore’s partnership with Aston Martin. And I myself am not sure about partnering an automobile producer with a whisky brand. But then again, it’s clearly been a successful one, so what do I know? By far the most affordable and attainable of all of these releases (and their have been quite a few) is the Bowmore 10 Years Aston Martin Dark & Intense.

It’s relatively young, bottled at the lowest possible percentage and with a colour that strongly suggests the involvement of some E150a. At first sight, not the most attractive proposition. Combine that with the flashy, luxury approach and you’ve usually lost me. Were it not for a whisky friend graciously sharing a sample of the Bowmore 10 Years Aston Martin Dark & Intense, I would’ve never tasted this.

bowmore 10 years aston marton dark intense closeup

Bowmore 10 Years Aston Martin (40%, OB, 2021)

Nose: Certainly a very elegant first impression with tropical notes of mango, papaya and pineapple, accompanied by gentle, sweet peat smoke, oranges and allspice. Maybe just a tinge of struck matches, but also some sultanas.
Taste: Zesty citrus combined with a good amount of salt, raisins and an ashy smoke. A hint of treacle, chocolate and bacon as well. Really enjoyable. However, as expected, the mouthfeel is rather thin, almost watery.
Finish: Tinned tropical fruits, spices and bonfire smoke. Medium in length.

I must admit to being rather impressed by this young-ish, low strength, presumably chill-filtered and coloured single malt. It may lack a certain depth of flavour, but there some complexity and the interplay between sweet fruits and the peaty maritime notes works really well. Just a really enjoyable, gentle sipper. And also a reminder to be careful with prejudices. Thanks for sharing, Robbert.


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