BTC 2014 #7

Blind Tasting Competition #7: Bowmore Devil’s Casks II

During the Blind Tasting Competition we’ve encountered (lightly) peated drams twice: the Benromach 10yo and the Ledaig 8yo Whisky-Fässle. But I think sample 8 is our first peated dram from the home of peated whisky: Islay. In fact, I think I have this whisky in my collection at home.

Nose: Peat and sherry, often a lovely combination. This is no exception. A lovely smokey quality, charred oak and ashes. Some dark chocolate, soy and oranges as well. Also some dried and smoked red fruit. The nose is very well balanced.
Taste: Obviously peat and sherry again. But more smokey than medicinal, which I always find a good thing. Mint and aniseed appear as well. As do some chili, chocolate, leather and berries.
Finish: Again leather, but also very ashy with dried oranges and raspberry. LONG!

Rating: 88

A lovely dram. I’ve compared this to the Bowmore Devil’s Casks II that I have in my collection. The color matched, the aromas seemed to be similar and the palates where the same as well.

Luckily it turned out the the Devil’s Casks II indeed. Even though I was 99 percent sure of my guess, there’s still always that small chance that I was completely blinding yourself because I wanted it to be the Devil’s Casks II. I reviewed it here before and my notes turned out fairly similar. Same rating as well, so I’m a happy camper. Also, I’m still in first place of the Blind Tasting Competition!

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