BTC 2014 #6

Blind Tasting Competition #6: Lochside 1991/2008 G&M

The Blind Tasting Competition continues with sample 6, and it is the first time I defend first place. After tasting I’m fairly confident that this is the first whisky in this competition from the Lowlands.

Lochside 1991/2008 (46%, G&M, C#15215)

Nose: Grassy! I think 🙂 Also very floral plus some honey notes. Next up is apple, or apple schnapps. Lots of lemon and a tiny bit dusty.
Taste: Some obvious oak influence, grapefruit as well and a slight dryness. Again apple, but also orange. And a bitterness, which I’m not quite sure if I find it pleasant or not.
Finish: Pear, a surprising hint of smoke and again honey. Medium in length.

Rating: 86

A pleasant whisky with a pleasant profile. I believe this to be the first Lowland whisky of the Blind Tasting Competition. I’m going with Bladnoch 22yo bottled at 52 percent.

Turns out I was completely wrong. Lochside, a closed distillery of which almost no casks are left, would’ve been the right choice. I scored zero points for this sample. First time that happened, but probably not the last. Fun fact: nobody guessed the distillery right.

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