BTC 2014 #5

Blind Tasting Competition #5: Benromach 10yo

If my hunch is right, than I think we’re back to Speyside with sample #5 of the Blind Tasting Competition. It is either an old Speysider or a young one that imitates old Speyside-style. Or I’m just talking out of my ass and it is something completely different. Here are my tasting notes.

Nose: Smells like it is a mix of sherry and bourbon casks. Some light peat and a nice smoky quality. A bit herbal, but also flatbread and oak, next to some lemon and orange.
Taste: More oak, tannins, obviously this is a bit dry. Some smoke accompanied by rubber. Zesty and peppery as well. And citrus and some darker fruits as well.
Finish: Ashes and orange. Medium-length.

Rating: 87

I like this style of whisky. I’m going with Benromach, because they intend to create a whisky with and old-style flavor profile. I think this is their new 10yo, so my guess for abv is 43 percent.

Turns out I nailed this one! I scored the maximum of 100 points and also took first place on the leaderboard of the Blind Tasting Competition.

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