BTC 2014 #2

Blind Tasting Competition #2: Glen Garioch 1990 Kintra

Let’s take a look at sample 2 of the Blind Tasting Competition of the Usquebaugh Society. This is again a sherried whisky, but very different from sample 1.

Glen Garioch 1990/2013 (51,2%, Kintra, C#7934)

Nose: Ah yes, there that lovely whisky warehouse smell. Anyone who has ever been in one knows what I’m talking about. There is a subtle sherry influence (most likely refill), but also some licorice and salt as well as some herbs. It is a lovely light, fresh and balanced nose.
Taste: More licorice and also wood spices and vanilla. Mint, aniseed an white pepper all make an appearance. Not a lot left of the sherry here. Maybe a little bit of citrus.
Finish: Sugar, light caramel and a faint fruity aspect (pear). Medium to long.

Rating: 87

Nicely balanced, could use a little bit more flavor on the palate, but a very good whisky nonetheless. I guessed Glen Garioch (something about it made me think about a Glen Garioch from Van Wees I have at home) at 18 years of age with an abv of 51 percent.

I was wrong about the age, but I had the distillery right. I flip-flopped a lot yesterday, at one point thinking it might be a Bunnahabhain. Luckily I finally landed on Glen Garioch. I was only 0,2 percent of the abv, for a total of 58 point for this sample.

I retain my third place in the competition. It is going far better than expected so far, but there are still 16 samples to go. The day that I score no points at all only gets closer 🙂

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