BTC 2014 #16

Blind Tasting Competition #16: Glenrothes 6yo Adelphi

It’s been a while, but finally here’s sample I think I immediately recognize. In the last year or so Adelphi have released a series of single cask bottlings from Glenrothes distillery. All of them very young (from 2007) and all of them bottled at a very high abv of around 67 percent. Now I just have to decide which one of the nine casks released this blind sample is from.

Glenrothes 2007/2014 (66,8%, Adelphi bottled for WIN, C#3526)

Nose: Super intense, rich and concentrated. Dark chocolate, mocha, toffee and fudge. Orange, honey, leather and coffee. Also figs and dates.
Taste: Cranberry, raisins, chili peppers and licorice. At such a high abv, don’t be scared to add water. It is perfectly drinkable without, but even better with. Marzipan, some nuttiness as well.
Finish: Super sweet, chili, toffee, mocha and mandarines.

Rating: 89

Phew, talk about a sherry bomb. This is good stuff! For the Blind Tasting Competition I decide to submit the single cask that was released for the tenth anniversary of Whisky Import Netherlands. Which means I go for Glenrothes 7yo bottled at 66,8 percent.

How did I do? 100 points baby 🙂 Perfect score, but it didn’t matter much for the standings. Five out of the top seven (inlcuding me) guessed right, and the other two scored almost perfect with 98 points. The high scores are understandable, because if you’ve ever tasted one of these young Glenrothes from Adelphi, you won’t quickly forget it. Memorable stuff!

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