BTC 2014 #14

Blind Tasting Competition #14: Glen Scotia 1999/2013 SMWS

People who have been reading this blog for a while now (I know you’re out there 😉 ) have probably noticed the relative lack of peated whiskies on Words of Whisky. I may have said it before, but I’ll say it again: I don’t very much like heavy peat in my whisky. Subtle peat I tend to love, but the grittier stuff just gets in the way of all the other lovely aromas and smells. At least, that’s what I think.

Glen Scotia 1999/2013 (61,4%, Single Malt Whisky Society, C#93.55)

So I’m in luck with sample #14 of the Blind Tasting Competition, because this is heavily peated. Not Octomore-levels, but certainly you’re good old fashioned Islay peat. Fingers crossed, but I don’t count on a high score today.

Nose: Peat, obviously. Medicinal, iodine. Also some barbecue smoke. Very malty, some lemon and maybe banana. Salted peanuts and smoked fish. With water some farmy notes I think. Also… porridge.
Taste: Very warming. Salty, peat and peppery. Medicinal smoke, some banana again. Definitely feisty, probably a young whisky.
Finish: Smoke, peat, charred wood. Very long, as an Islay finish should be.

Rating: 82

This is a fine whisky, but not really for me. Peat lovers will probably rate it a bit higher. I think it is a young Laphroaig of 8 years old. The alcoholpercentage is high, at 59 percent.

Well, I was right about the alcoholpercentage being high, but it was even higher than I thought. I never would’ve guessed this to be a Glen Scotia. And it was also a bit older then expected. Put all that together and that adds up to zero points. Too bad, still in first place though, but the guys behind me are creeping closer.

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