BTC 2014 #12

Blind Tasting Competition #12: Glen Keith 1992/2013 The Whisky Agency

Today dram has (to me) sort of a Clynelish quality. That’s a problem, because it can’t be a Clynelish, since sample #11 was already from the Highlands. So now what? Nothing left to do but write down my tasting notes, and see if there is anything else that pops into my mind.

Glen Keith 1992/2013 (49,2%, The Whisky Agency, 238 bts.)

Nose: Waxy, citrus and freshly cut grass. Some sherry aromas but also some coconut, banana, vanilla. A nutty quality, almonds maybe. The nose does get mustier with time passing.
Taste: Oily and creamy. Waxy again, but also honey and some dried fruits. Very smooth palate. Ginger, grapefruit, and apple. Fairly spicy and oaky.
Finish: Peppery, wood spices, coconut. A bit dry and slightly bitter.

Rating: 85

For the BTC-contestants: I scored it a bit higher there, but after retasting late last night I decided to lower my score. There are some very pleasant aroma’s and flavors in there, but I find a bit too simple to get a higher score.

I in the end decided to guess Glen Keith, but to be honest I just got lucky there. I also scored some point for age, which means I’m now in first place of the Blind Tasting Competition again. Whoohoo 🙂

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