ledaig 2005 11 years old signatory vintage 900152

Blind Tasting #14: Ledaig 2005 11 Years Old (Signatory Vintage)

Always go with your first impression, it usually pays off during the Blind Tasting Competition. For me at least. Sometimes it takes just one sniff (in this case straight out of the sample bottle), and then I immediately think of a distillery.

Ledaig is such a distillery. Or brand, I should say. The peat smoke that a young-ish Ledaig has, is for some reason very recognizable for me. I remember attending a tasting several years ago, and the host described the nose of a Ledaig as sauerkraut. I really rang true for me, and since I almost always recognize Ledaig. So thank god the organizers of this competition decided to put a Ledaig in 🙂

Ledaig 2005 11 Years Old (58,6%, Signatory Vintage, C#900152)

Nose: Sauerkraut and vegetal peat. This immediately reminds me of Ledaig. It is warm and sweet with sugary breakfast cereals, but also fruity (soft orange aroma), and a hint of bacon to boot.
Taste: Big whisky. Lots of peat, a sliver of iodine, and subtle barbecue notes. Cherry syrup, as well, with finally a touch of sulphur (gun powder).
Finish: Some ash, fresh peat and finally some sweeter touches.

Rating: 88

Young Ledaig, whether it is from a bourbon or a sherry cask (like this one), always delivers. No exception today.

Photo: whisky-online.com

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