glenturret 2004 12 years old single cask editions

Blind Tasting #12: Glenturret 2004 12 Years Old (Single Cask Edition)

Not a very high score today (30 points), as I had difficulties pinpointing sample #12 of the Blind Tasting Competition. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one, as 69 points was the highest score of the day, while the average was a lot lower even.

This is about how far I got when it came to guessing the whisky: sherried, not very old, bottled at 56,5 percent. Finally I settled on a young Tamdhu, with which I scored points for age and alcohol percentage. But I didn’t even get the region right this time.

Glenturret 2004 12 Years Old (55,5%, OB ‘Single Cask Edition’, C#110)

Nose: Syrupy, with cherries, orange juice, and candy cane. A hit of fudge and caramel. Something slightly earthy as well, with subtle spices in the background. Quite prickly.
Taste: A syrupy mouthfeel, but quite an aggressive palate. Spicy notes of cloves and black pepper, with cherries and cranberries, a hint of vanilla and cookie dough. A tad meaty.
Finish: Sweet red fruits and spices.

Rating: 82

Always interesting how some cask strength whiskies can be extremely drinkable, while others (like this one) are a bit more of a challenge. Most people rate this a lot higher (just look at Whiskybase), while I think it is an okay whisky, but nothing earth shattering.

Photo: Master of Malt


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