blended scotch 1969 46 years whisky sponge review

Blended Scotch 1969 46 Years (Whisky Sponge)

Here’s a first for the Whisky Sponge, a Blended Scotch 1969 46 Years. A self-proclaimed malt whisky snob, Angus MacRaild seems to have fallen from the pure faith. Nobody is infallible, right?

No word on the providence of this blend. Not because Decadent Drinks is keeping it a secret, but because they don’t know. The label mentions a blend of Highland Malt pot still and other Scotch whiskies. It’s properly old but bottled some years ago. That’s 1969 + 46 years = you do the math.

And the Blended Scotch 1969 46 Years matured in oak. Mindboggling, I know. So, the best we can do here is trust in Angus’ ability to source quality whisky. He hasn’t disappointed me so far. Whisky Sponge/Decadent Drinks might even be my favourite bottler of high-end whisky. Can’t imagine they’ll bottle anything below par, even if it is a blended Scotch whisky.

(I’m joking of course, blends can be great.)

blended scotch 1969 46 years whisky sponge

Blended Scotch 1969 46 Years (46.6%, Whisky Sponge, Edition No. 86)

Nose: Furniture polish with rich caramel and butterscotch notes, alongside whiffs of tobacco, ripe bananas, coconut milk and orange marmalade. Touches of sandalwood too, and whiffs of resin, as well as a certain earthiness.
Taste: Proper oily mouthfeel. Touches of triple sec accompanied by the smell of cigar boxes and molasses, as well as a tinge of charred oak, honey and more coconut. There’s a whiff of black pepper, and the orange-y nature of this whisky stands out.
Finish: Medium length. A bit of wax, resin and touches of laurel alongside a grainy sweetness.

Very pleasant, polished and rounded. The Blended Scotch 1969 46 Years from Whisky Sponge strikes a nice balance, although the grain component is undeniable. But I guess that is the point of a blended whisky. What I mean to say: the balance tips ever so slightly in favour of the grain whiskies, not the malts.

Sample provided by Decadent Drinks

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