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Blended Malt 37 Years ‘The Gastronomy Selection’ (The Whisky Exchange)

It’s become an annual tradition by now. For the third year in a row, The Whisky Exchange releases an April Fool’s themed malt. Their latest, a Blended Malt 37 Years, is the first release of the new ‘The Gastronomy Selection’, and presumably the last. But who knows? Stranger things have happened. I’m sure this malt could greatly improve some whisky-glazed pork belly chunks.

Of the new release, The Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh jokingly says, “Since the first time I replaced the white wine in my Bolognese with 1980s malt whisky I’ve never looked back. I know it’s not traditionally Italian, but it really brings an extra layer of complexity.”

All kidding aside, this 2023 April Fool’s whisky is now available for £199 at The Whisky Exchange, which is eminently reasonable for a 37-year-old malt whisky.

blended malt 37 years the gastronomy selection the whisky exchange april fools closeup

Blended Malt 37 Years ‘The Gastronomy Selection’ (51.3%, The Whisky Exchange, 1021 bts.)

Nose: Delicate but fruity, with plenty of the stewed variety (apples), as well as some gentle citrus-y touches (mostly zesty orange), rhubarb, and candy hearts. Then some notes of beeswax, almonds and fudge to round things out.
Taste: Somewhat syrupy mouthfeel. The fruits make an encore, but are accompanied by gentle spices (cloves, white pepper), praline, almonds, and a tinge of chocolate. Also notes of burlap, tobacco, and cinnamon.
Finish: Soft spices, toffee, and oranges. Medium length.

A rather refined 37-year-old Blended Malt, but with plenty of oomph left still. Good, yet not unique necessarily, except for its price. You can't beat that nowadays.

Sample provided by The Whisky Exchange

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