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Blair Athol 2008 15 Years (Dramtime 10th Anniversary)

Dramtime, the whisky webshop of Dutch retailer Frans Muthert, celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. It’s easily one of the better stores in the Netherlands, well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. And the webshop just received a welcome facelift. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my international readers may have placed an order at some point.

But anyway, to celebrate, Dramtime released a Blair Athol 2008 15 Years in parnership with Dutch independent bottler Whiskydudes. It initially matured in a refill butt and was finished in a fresh Amontillado blood tub. I don’t think I’ve had many whiskies finished or matured in such a blood tub, a tiny cask that holds 35 or 40 litres of spirit. Predictably, the outturn for this Blair Athol was modest – only 50 bottles. All sold out, I’m afraid.

blair athol 2008 15 years whiskydudes dramtime

Blair Athol 2008 15 Years (56.9%, Whiskydudes for Dramtime, C#300990C)

Nose: Opening up on slivers of molasses and golden syrup, accompanied by sultanas, orange zest and a hint of dunnage floors. Also a good amount of polished oak, tobacco and nutty aromas. Just a touch of mint in the background, as well as a discrete herbaceous quality and gentle cinnamon.
Taste: Mouthfeel is rather viscous and pretty on point. Sweet, honey-esque initially, but quickly moving on to rather intense notes of cracked black peppercorn, ginger roasted peanuts and a whiff of smoke. Then the tobacco leaves appear, as well as a slight grassiness.
Finish: Medium in length. Lingering oak spices with tinge of mint. Finally a touch of cocoa powder. Somewhat dry.

A proper drop of whisky. The nose is very refined, albeit clearly cask-forward. And the oak is pretty present on the palate as well, but more so in a spicy kind of way. That is to be expected, a blood tub is tiny after all, but I would've preferred a little less of a punch.

Sample provided by Whiskydudes

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