big peat feis ile 2017 douglas laing

Big Peat Feis Ile 2017 Edition (Douglas Laing)

It’s become tradition for Douglas Laing to release a special Feis Ile Edition of their blended Islay malt Big Peat. This year they opted to release a version that was finished in sherry casks (a first) and bottled a slightly higher strength. The faces of over 300 of Big Peat’s pals (photo’s of fans imitating the peated giant) are plastered on the tube.

When Big Peat was introduced a few years ago it was presented as the blended malt from Islay that included whisky from famed closed distillery Port Ellen. While likely not more than a couple of drops are included in each vatting, it did do the trick. Big Peat is now an established blended malt with lots of loyal fans around the world, one that doesn’t necessarily need to advertise its inclusion of Port Ellen.

Big Peat Feis Ile 2017 Edition (48%, Douglas Laing, 1.600 bts.)

Nose: Sweet peat, lemons, stewed pears and sauerkraut. There’s some licorice, and cinnamon rolls as well. Rich and inviting but doesn’t offer a lot of complexity.
Taste: Smoky and very ashy, with a layer of sweet cherries and dark notes of tobacco and chocolate.
Finish: Lingers on smoke and cocoa powder, ending with notes of vegetal peat.

Rating: 85

A very good and quaffable whisky from Islay, especially considering it used to cost £50. The 1.600 bottles that comprised this release are long gone though.

Sample provided by Douglas Laing

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