big peat christmas edition 2022

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2022 (Douglas Laing)

I’m not sure when the first-ever Big Peat Christmas Edition came out, but I’ve been reviewing them for many years. Here, here, here, and here for example. And now it is time for the Big Peat Christmas Edition 2022. Other than the different strength I’ve no idea how it differs from previous releases.

(Please allow me a quick visit to Whiskybase.)

Okay, it turns out the Christmas Edition of Big Peat has been around since 2011, just a few years after the brand’s inception. And much longer than my first review of the series in 2017. I suppose those earlier editions might’ve had a slightly higher percentage of Port Ellen included in the recipe, which is cool but I doubt anyone can actually taste.

So, why should you buy the new Big Peat Christmas Edition 2022? Maybe because you’re a hardcore collector. Or a huge fan of Christmas. Otherwise I don’t really see how it differentiates from other cask strength or limited edition Big Peat releases. Not a lot, at least.

But hey, if it sells, more power to Douglas Laing. After all, what do I know about sales?

big peat christmas edition 2022 closeup

Big Peat Christmas Edition 2022 (54.2%, Douglas Laing)

Nose: Roasted barley husks, sauerkraut, straw and grilled lemons, but also some almond paste, tar, diesel and olive brine. Noses young but it’s very good.
Taste: Decently oily mouthfeel. Nice salinity, honey, wood smoke and ashes, but also cracked black pepper corns, sardines and lemons. Plaster too.
Finish: Some lemon and apple skin, but also earthy peat. Long.

A very steady, dependable series, the Big Peat Christmas Edition 2022 adheres to the same high quality standards as its predecessors. Truly enjoyable.

Sample provided by De Monnik Dranken

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