big peat christmas 2019 edition douglas laing

Big Peat Christmas 2019 Edition (Douglas Laing)

Happy Christmas everybody! I hope Santa Claus left you a nice little gift in your stocking. Something whisky-related would be optimum, maybe you we’re even gifted the whisky that is subject of today’s blog post.

You’ve all heard about Big Peat, our rugged Illeach friend created by Douglas Laing. He’s amassed somewhat of a cult following since hist first appearance ten years ago. There’ve been many iterations, including a few delicious older ones. The Big Peat Christmas 2019 Edition comes without an age statement though. However, it is bottled at cask strength, and has proven popular in years past.

Big Peat Christmas 2019 Edition (53.7%, Douglas Laing)

Nose: Very sweet and certainly not overtly peated. Touches of banana and vanilla custard, as well as crème brûlée. Some cream too, as well as a touch of nutmeg.
Taste: Sweet arrival again. Overripe, mushed banana and vanilla, but also a touch of pineapple. Then the peat takes over. Intense and salty, very maritime. Some chili heat as well.
Finish: Lingers for a long time. Spicy. More of the above.

Score: 86

What’s not to like? Cask strength heavily peated Islay whisky of a high quality, this is exactly what Big Peat is supposed to be. Also, be sure to check in on Friday, for the 6th Anniversary Post of Words of Whisky.

Sample provided by Douglas Laing

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