big peat 26 years old platinum edition

Big Peat 26 Years Old ‘Platinum Edition’ (2018)

One of the most renowned independent bottlers of Scotland, Douglas Laing, celebrated their 70th anniversary in 2018. This past year has been filled with special releases, but to top it all off, they released a cracking duo to end the anniversary year. Firstly, a Port Ellen 1982 as part of the XOP Platinum range. Secondly, the Big Peat 26 Years Old ‘Platinum Edition’.

I wish I could tell you I’ve got tasting notes of both of ’em for you. I don’t. But I’ll gladly settle for a sip of one of them in this case the Big Peat. After last year’s Big Peat 25yo, this is now the oldest Big Peat ever released. Limited to 3.000 bottles, like usual, this consists solely of Islay whiskies.

Big Peat 26 Years Old ‘Platinum Edition’ (51.5%, Douglas Laing)

Nose: Very coastal and barbeque-esque. Smouldering embers, hemp ropes, seaweed and salty cured meats. There’s also hints of raisins and figs, backed up by whiffs of linoleum and porridge.
Taste: Much more peaty than the nose suggests, although it has much more to offer, luckily. A tad earthy, with hints of burnt toast and licorice, as well as resin and nutmeg. There’s a whisper of candlewax and milk chocolate as well.
Finish: Lingering spices, with a hint of marmalade. Long.

Score: 91

Slightly more coastal than last year’s iteration, and a (tiny) step up as well, if you ask me. Supremely enjoyable, and superbly balanced, mature Islay whisky.

Sample provided by Douglas Laing

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