Benromach 2009 sassicaia wood finish

Benromach 2009 Sassicaia Wood Finish

There’s a new addition to the Wood Finish-series of Benromach. Or maybe not new, but rather a new batch. The Benromach 2009 Sassicaia Wood Finish is the sequel to a previous release that was distilled in 2007.

This batch is a lot larger, with almost 8.000 bottles it is more than double the size of the previous one. It has received a finish of 28 months in ex-Sassicaia casks, resulting in an interesting pink color.

Benromach 2009 Sassicaia Wood Finish (45%, OB, 7738 bts.)

Nose: Warm and subtle barbecue smoke, signature Benromach. Aromas of red berries, cherry candy cane, cotton candy and orange lemonade. A hint of sugar. Hovering on the border of becoming too sweet, but staying just on the right side.
Taste: Spicy stuff, with a big pinch of pepper and a whiff of cloves. Ginger too. There’s some soft red fruits like strawberries and cranberries. As well as subtle notes of smoke and peat.
Finish: Short to medium, with a hint of peat transforming into mellow red fruit.

Rating: 82

Very similar to the previous batch, which might’ve had a bit richer palate, if I remember correctly. Fine whisky, but I still don’t see the added value of having these wine finished expressions. Haven’t seen it in shops yet, but won’t be long I guess.

Sample provided by Benromach

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