Benromach 2006 Handfill C#372

Benromach 2006/2015 (61,8%, Handfilled, C#372)

This is already the last post of my Benromach Extravaganza. Hasn’t it been fun? The highlight for me was 1976 20 Year Old from Cadenhead, although the 1970 Connoisseurs Choice was a very good second.

A couple of days ago I reviewed a handfilled Benromach, and I follow that up with a review of another handfill. Same recipe: distilled in 2006 and then put into an ex-bourbon cask. It was bottled in 2015.

Benromach 2006/2015 (61,8%, OB, Handfilled @ Distillery, C#372)

Nose: Fairly alcoholic, but luckily it has more to offer. Vanilla and oak with fresh lemon squeeze and pink grapefruit as well, giving it a nice freshness. Only the slightest trace of peat.
Taste: As the nose already suggested, this is pretty sharp. Too much black pepper. Water takes care of that somewhat. Toffee and vanilla again, with a thin layer of nectarine.
Finish: Feisty, warming. Vanilla. Medium in length.

Rating: 82

There’s stuff that I like, but the alcohol is very present at only eight years of age. I wonder how this would’ve fared had it gotten another eight years in the cask.

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