Benromach 2006 Handfill C#668

Benromach 2006/2015 (60,7%, Handfilled, C#668)

We’re nearing the end of my Benromach Extravaganza, and part nine sees a shift in focus. Whereas previously I’ve only reviewed bottlings of pre-1983 Benromach, I’ll now be finishing the flurry of Benromach posts with two whiskies I’ve handfilled at the distillery. Sadly they no longer offer this at Benromach, although they now do have a single cask that is only available at the distillery. So at least when you visit Benromach you can still buy something that’s not available anywhere else.

The handfilled Benromach reviewed in this post is young at only nine years of age. It has matured in an ex-bourbon cask.

Benromach 2006/2015 (60,7%, OB, Handfilled @ Distillery, C#668)

Nose: Very clean and fresh, with a combination of subtle peat smoke and sweet fruits. Savory on the one hand, but sweet on the other. Candied lemon, vanilla, peaches. A tad perfumy.
Taste: Creamy and oily. The peat dominates for a couple of seconds, but then makes way for stone fruits (peaches, nectarines) and vanilla custard.
Finish: Hot and spicy finish (even with a dash of water), with lots of black pepper and cloves as well. Drying.

Rating: 85

It’s not very complex and has some rough edges. But it also has good qualities, like a nice amount of fruitiness and the subtle use of peat.

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