Benromach 2002 Handfilled

Benromach 2002/2014 Hand-filled @ Distillery

My 2014 visit to Benromach meant the start of somewhat of a love affair with this small Speyside distillery. The tour was excellent, the tasting was great and the people, in this case Susan Colville and distillery manager Keith Cruickshank, were very kind and welcoming. I also hand-filled my own bottle, from a first fill sherry cask from 2002. Every time I drink it, it takes me back to that wonderful afternoon in February.

Benromach 2002/2014 (57,6@, OB ‘Fill Your Own’, C#12079301)

Nose: Subtle fresh peat, signature Benromach. Some bacon, oak and a slight saltiness. Then the sherry influence becomes more obvious. Cherries, dates, brambles and more dried red fruit. Also damp wood and tobacco.
Taste: More subtle peat, which in my mind is the only right usage of peat. I’m not a fan of the heavy Islay stuff. The delivery is a bit sharp. Then some tobacco, mint, caramelized sugar and cherries.
Finish: Lingers for a very long time, with tobacco, peat and mint.

Rating: 88

A super whisky, with added layer of complexity because of the restraint use of peat. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

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