benromach 1974 C#1583

Benromach 1974 (41yo, C#1583)

How nice of Benromach to release a new, super rare whisky right in the middle of my Benromach Extravaganza. They don’t have many casks left from before the closure in 1983, let alone from the seventies, so a single cask bottling from 1974 is not something we’ll see many more of in the future.

This Benromach 1974 has matured for 41 years in a sherry butt. After that long there was still enough left to fill 452 bottles at 49,1 percent. The design for this bottle is similar to the 35 year old Benromach, which was released only a couple of months ago.

Benromach 1974/2016 (49,1%, OB, C#1583)

Nose: We immediately dive well into old school territory with furniture polish, leather and an earthy/dunnage warehouse quality. Some fruity influences with fresh oranges and raisins, but also tobacco leaves, dark chocolate and some of that signature menthol.
Taste: Sweet cane sugar, raspberries and blackberries. If you swallow your sip it transforms into varnish, cigar tobacco and menthol. Lots of oak and tannins (and that’s saying something coming from a guy who likes his whisky quite oak-y). Slighty drying.
Finish: Licorice with a hint of peat smoke and menthol. Ending on a subtle ash-y note.

Rating: 88

Without a doubt a very good whisky, but I do feel it is past its prime. The wood has gotten a hold of the palate, and it doesn’t let go. I liked the new 35 year old better.

Sample provided by Benromach

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