Benrinnes 1995 20 years old single malts of scotland

Benrinnes 1995 20 Years Old (Single Malts of Scotland)

What the …? I just realized I never reviewed a Benrinnes on Words of Whisky. Time to rectify that mistake with a Benrinnes 1995 20 Years Old from Single Malts of Scotland.

I’m surprised I never wrote about Benrinnes before. I mean, I know it’s not exactly a household name, but it isn’t exactly super obscure either, with a couple of interesting Benrinnes being part of Diageo’s Special Releases in the past. I’ve one of those waiting to be opened on a future birthday, as 1985 is my birth year.

Benrinnes is part of a minority of distilleries that still uses worm tubs to cool the distillate. They keep those very cool, adding weight and meatiness to the spirit.

Benrinnes 1995 20 Years Old (51,1%, Single Malts of Scotland, C#9057)

Nose: Surprisingly fragrant. Floral and perfume-y almost. Very clean and crisp, with a hint of sour oranges, lemon, and lime. A touch of ozone.
Taste: This is quite tasty. There’s some tropical, syrupy influence here, but with a hint of sulphur (gun powder), cloves and pepper. Some sour apple, a touch of orange. Creamy too.
Finish: Medium in length. Creamy and spicy.

Rating: 86

Certainly a whisky with its own character, which I believe is a bonus. Unless that character translates to shit whisky, but that’s not the case here 🙂

Sample provided by Speciality Drinks

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