BenRiach 2000 12 Years Old Whisky Weekend Amsterdam

BenRiach 2000 12 Years Old (Whisky Weekend Amsterdam)

I can’t say BenRiach has quite convinced me yet. Not to say their whisky is bad, but I haven’t found one that really made me go ‘Wow!’. At least not a modern, affordable one (of course those 1976 vintages are uber delicious). Maybe this BenRiach 2000 12 Years Old for Whisky Weekend Amsterdam will do the trick?

BenRiach 2000 12 Years Old (54,3%, OB for Whisky Weekend Amsterdam, C#71103)

Nose: Needs time to open up. Slowly but surely some fruit appears. Underripe banana, nectarine. Some vanilla. But still all a bit subdued by a dusty layer. Maybe some water will help? Nah, not really, brings out quite some wood shavings though. Wait! Finally some pickled lemon as well.
Taste: The alcohol is a bit overpowering. Water is a must. Spicy and dry. Ginger, chili pepper and faint cinnamon. Some coconut and vanilla custard.
Finish: Oak, somewhat bitter. Medium in length.

Rating: 81

A slightly above average whisky, but not one that I would recommend. It needs a lot of time and water to finally show some character.

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