ben nevis 1995 22 years old whiskycircle

Ben Nevis 1995 22 Years Old (Whiskycircle)

I remember when this bottling was first offered. Quite fairly priced, especially considering the dark colour, which usually ensures that a premium is slapped on. If I remember correctly, this was not far north of 100 euro. And yet, I did not snap a bottle up. I go through these periods of buying probably way too much whisky, followed by an almost celibate-like behaviour, where for months on end I don’t really spend anything on whisky. When this Ben Nevis hit the market, I was in one of those latter periods.

Not that I regret not buying it. Can’t have ’em all, right? When I had the opportunity to buy a sample though, I did not hesitate. Which is why I’m writing about this whisky today.

Ben Nevis 1995 22 Years Old (52.9%, Whiskycircle, C#1510)

Nose: Somewhat herbacious and with notes of eucalyptus, tobacco leaves and menthol cigars, but also classic fruity, orange-y notes with ripe apricots that I so often find in mid-90s Ben Nevis. Finally some walnut skin and cassis as well. Nice balance between cask and spirit, which I honestly didn’t completely expect.
Taste: Blackberries and raspberries and an overall intense fruitiness. A touch of apples, oranges and sultanas as well. Somewhat dry though, with a slight bitter woodiness.
Finish: Finish is short to medium, drying, and a tad bitter.

Score: 88

The nose and the initial taste are quite epic, but this Ben Nevis can’t sustain such a high quality throughout. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, as not many can. This is a very good, and somewhat surprising whisky regardless.

Photo: Whiskybase

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