Ben Nevis 10 years old

Ben Nevis 10 Years Old (2016)

I’ve never been one to really appreciate Ben Nevis, but recently I feel I might need to reconsider that position. I’ve had some positive experiences, which actually led me to buy not one, but two Ben Nevis whiskies in the last twelve months, both of which I also enjoy a lot. For someone who says he doesn’t like Ben Nevis, that doesn’t compute.

So what better way to find out if I need to change my viewpoint, by trying Ben Nevis’ entry-level 10 years old? I’ve always read good things about it, but because of my previous experiences with independent releases, I’ve never tried it. I always found the dirty aspect of Ben Nevis a little too dirty, if you will. A sort of metallic sourness that really doesn’t do it for me.

But maybe I’ve changed, or maybe I’ve just been tasting the wrong expressions. Whatever the case, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Ben Nevis 10 Years Old (46%, OB, 2016)

Nose: Extremely fresh and inviting, with lots of fruits. Honey-glazed apples, nectarines, and also a hit of beeswax. A whiff of smoke.
Taste: Oily, creamy and waxy, with lots of oranges (and some peaches too). And I mean LOTS. There’s a bit of pepper, as well as some cloves and a bit of mint. Slightly metallic, but a lot less so than I find in most independent Ben Nevis.
Finish: Medium in length, lingering oranges and cocoa powder.

Rating: 87

Very rich and flavoursome, a very nice surprise indeed and certainly one of the better entry-level whiskies available. I guess I’m a fan now? Well, stranger things have happened.

Photo: Whiskybase

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