balvenie sherry cask 15yo

The Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel ‘Sherry Cask’

They’ve been doing the Single Barrel-series for quite some time now at The Balvenie, but last year they decided to shake things up a bit, and they started releasing single barrel sherry casks. Luckily still with an age statement of 15 years, and not without one, as has been the trend with many new releases. Just take a look at The Glenlivet, with their new range of Nadurra’s, all of them NAS, whereas the original ones all were 16 years of age.

I’m wandering off. This post is supposed to be about The Balvenie, so let’s dive into some tasting notes.

The Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel ‘Sherry Cask’ (47,8%, OB, C#17912)

Nose: Subtle and non-intrusive. Earthy with tobacco notes and dried leaves. Sand cookies also. Behind all that is a sweetness. Cherry lemonade, honey and golden syrup. The balance is very good.
Taste: The palate has a dry and spicy touch with cloves and cinnamon. But raisins, milk chocolate and dark brown sugar make for a sweeter aspect, as do hints of honey.
Finish: Raisins and sugar, with a slight dryness. Medium in length.

Rating: 87

There’s a lot to like here. The palate might be a bit sharp at times, but nothing too worry about too much. A proper sherried Speysider.

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