balblair 1991 27 years old 3rd release

Balblair 1991 27 Years Old (3rd Release)

With Glenrothes aborting the use of vintage statements after the most recent redesign of their core range, Balblair is now the pre-eminent distillery still using vintages. I’m mostly happy that Balblair at least mentions the age of their whiskies, wether they use vintages or classic age statements—I don’t really care.

The Balblair 1991 3rd Release has received mainly positive feedback since it was released earlier this year. First off because it is 27 years old, which is a proper age, yet priced very fairly. You do not have to look hard at all to find it for less than 150 euro. Add to that the seemingly large portion of sherry matured malt, and this was bound to make heads turn. Supposedly, it’s very good also. Let’s find out, shall we?

Balblair 1991 27 Years Old (46%, OB ‘3rd Release’)

Nose: Very elegant with plenty of subtleties, a hint of furniture polish and a distinct fruitiness. Lots of apples and dried apricots, as well as lemon zest and oranges. Plenty of sweetness from honey and beeswax.  Some very subtle spices, mainly cinnamon.
Taste: Nice interplay between citrus fruits, sweetness, and spices. Hints of grapefruit and lemon, as well as honey, cloves and black pepper. Good stuff.
Finish: Lingering spiciness and sweetness.

Score: 88

Excellent whisky with a flavour profile that you just don’t get at a younger age. Really good stuff from Balblair.

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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