Aultmore 2007 Kintra (featured)

Aultmore 2007/2013 by Kintra

A lot of young stuff hits the market these days. I’m not talking about all the No Age Statement whiskies from the big spirit companies. What I mean are the young single cask whiskies bottled by the independents. Recently I reviewed a very good one by Adelphi, a young Glenrothes of only 6 years old, that was mature way beyond its age. Today I stick my nose in another 6 year old whisky, this time from Aultmore and bottled by Dutch indie bottler Kintra.

Aultmore 2007 Kintra

Aultmore 2007/2013 (53,7%, Kintra, C#900026)

Nose: Gluey and spirity at first, a bit too sharp. Some handwarming helps to uncover coconut, underripe banana and mango. Its also very grainy and a bit spicy, mainly cinnamon. Adding water brings out raisins and rum.
Taste: Young and new make-ish. I’m actually surprised this is 6 years old, because it tastes even younger. Reminds me of the new spirit that Glenglassaugh released some years ago, right after they started producing again. On the palate I find some coconut, vanilla, apricot and black pepper. It benefits from adding water, as to make the sharp edges disappear.
Finish: Vanilla and some strawberry. Surprisingly long, which doesn’t mean it was very good.

Rating: 79

I’ve actually had a sip of this whisky before earlier this year, but that was during a festival. Now that I took the time to assess this whisky, I have to bring down the rating I gave it then. I remember it tasting spirity back than, but not quite as much as this. It is saved by the nose, so to speak, which is actually pretty okay.

This Aultmore matured in a sherry butt, which must’ve been a refill cask, because the cask hasn’t done much in the six years it has held this spirit. It could’ve used (quite) some extra years in the cask.

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