Aultmore 12yo

Aultmore 12yo ‘Foggie Moss’

For years Aultmore was a very popular distillery. Now I don’t mean popular with the general whisky drinker, but popular among whisky blenders. In late 2014 Bacardi decided it was time to put a spotlight on Aultmore, when it was choses as one of the five distilleries to be part of their The Last Great Malts-campaign. They released a series of age statement expressions, one of which was a 12 year old, which I’ll review today.

Aultmore 12yo (46%, OB, +/- 2014)

Nose: Lime and sweet apple are performing a balancing act. In the background there’s some honest maltiness. Also honey, vanilla and a hint of shoe polish.
Taste: In a nutshell: citrus fruits and spices. The arrival is a bit peppery, what follows is are limes, but also some oranges, to be a bit more specific. Less prominent, but also noticeable are sweet apples and peaches.
Finish: This whisky ends on malty and grassy notes. Finish is on the shorter side.

Rating: 82

As far as entry-level whiskies go, this is pretty good. No cask wizardry, just good straight forward malt whisky.

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