auchentoshan candied fruit

Auchentoshan 1998/2013 ‘Candied Fruit’

The first official tasting note for Words of Whisky! Will it be a cracker? We’ll see. I just now realize that maybe I should’ve picked a more iconic distillery. But whatever, Auchentoshan will have to do. One of only a handful of working distilleries in the Lowlands of Scotland. The dram of choice is Auchentoshan 1998/2013, nicknamed Candied Fruit by it’s bottler Wemyss Malts. Only 294 bottles came out of the cask this whisky matured in. It was bottled at 46% abv. Here we go!

Auchentoshan Candied Fruit-label by Wemyss Malts

Nose: Candied Fruit indeed, this one smells a bit spirity and sharp at first, but develops into something very sweet. There’s some banana and oak as well.
Palate: Very light and creamy. A bit too light. Also some toasted nuts and some white pepper.
Finish: Medium finish, more fruit than candy.
Overall: Not a bad whisky, very subtle and a nice one for a summer evening.

Rating: 81/100

This whisky is not widely available anymore. Looks like you can still get it here, or order a sample here.

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