auchentoshan 1990 24 years old the duchess

Auchentoshan 1990 24 Years Old (The Duchess)

Auchentoshan is the only distillery in Scotland to triple distil all their whisky, making them very unique indeed. The early nineties were very fertile for Auchentoshan, as we’ve seen quite a few independent releases from that period already. This Auchentoshan 1990 24 Years Old by The Duchess is one of the latest ones.

But how can it be a recent release if it was already bottled a couple of years ago? Well, this bottling was originally going to be part of the independent label of Eiling Lim, and was picked by her and her husband Luc Timmermans. They went so far as to have it bottled. But since they already released another Auchentoshan and wanted to release whisky from other distilleries, this one sort of got in the way.

That’s when the good people of The Duchess saw an opening. They bought the whole stash from Eiling Lim, and released them under their own label.

Auchentoshan 1990 24 Years Old (51,5%, The Duchess, 83 bts.)

Nose: Soft and gentle vanilla sweetness and dusty oak, but also straw. Milk chocolate and subtle fruits. Peach with a whiff of lime.
Taste: Some bitter oak and mild spices (cloves), accompanied by light notes of honey and linseed oil. Traces of underripe banana peel and pear.
Finish: Gentle yellow fruits. Finally somewhat grassy. Medium in length.

Rating: 84

An easy, mellow whisky, although the palate is a tad more challenging than the nose is. Good, but not very exciting or unique. Available for just over 180 euro.

Sample provided by The Duchess

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