Arran 2001 whisky import nederland

Arran 2001/2014 Whisky Import Netherlands

I’ve never tasted a bad Arran. Actually, I think all of them have been at least good, while most of ’em are simply very good. And it really doesn’t matter whether it is bourbon aged or if it has matured in a sherry cask. Both styles suit Arran.

Today I review a heavily sherried Arran that has been bottled for Whisky Import Netherlands. Bottling whisky isn’t the core business of WIN. As you can see from the name, they mainly import whisky to The Netherlands. But a couple of times every year they release single casks. Most of them are pretty good. This one was part of a duo bottling (the other being a bourbon cask Arran) to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Arran  2001/2014 (52,3%, Whisky Import Netherlands, C#762)

Nose: Sherry, sherry and… more sherry! My god, this has been an active first-fill sherry cask. Dark chocolate, cocoa, raisins and dates. Also light caramel, cherry syrup, licorice and coffee. Very well balanced.
Taste: Cocoa and coffee with prunes, cherry and chocolate. Also some black pepper with cloves and soy. After a while you’ll get a tiny bit of mint or aniseed.
Finish: Cherry, sweet and syrupy with some spices. Lingers for a long time.

Rating: 89

This whisky is almost faultless. Very good quality from start to finish. Still available for a little over 80 euro, which it think is good value for money.

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