armorik triagoz

Armorik Triagoz (2019)

I don’t have the best memory, but I believe my visit to Distillerie Warenghem in 2010 might well have been my first ever distillery tour. I remember I bought a bottle, which I think was the unremarkable Armorik Whisky Breton—one of two or three options at the time. Most noteworthy though was the carbon dioxide emanating from the mash tun. It quite literally took my breath away.

Fast forward ten years and Armorik is still around. They now have a respectable core range and even a number of limited editions. One of which I’ll be examining today. Armorik Triagoz was originally released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the French brand and was named in tribute to the archipelago located off the Côte de Granit Rose. The Triagoz is also the first peated whisky from Armorik and has matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Armorik Triagoz (46%, OB, 2019)

Nose: Yes, there’s some peat influences here (soft smoke and just some light medicinal notes) but that’s not what stands out at first. It’s mainly fruits like green grapes and peach, accompanied by sweet pastries and vanilla.
Taste: Proper oily stuff, quite thick. Notes of juniper, pine needles and charred wood. Very different than any peated single malt I’ve ever tried. It’s herbacious and the peat is very vegetal, but there’s also roasted peanut skins and plenty of spices.
Finish: Lots of pepper, gentle orchard fruits. Medium in length.

Score: 83

It’s interesting to say the least, but hard to fit into my frame of reference. Yes, this is a single malt, but incomparable to anything I’ve ever tasted. Get a sample before you buy a whole bottle.

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