ardnagherkin 2015 6 years ardnamurchan

Ardnagherkin 2015 6 Years (Adelphi)

There’s a good chance you’ve come across the Ardnagherkin 2015 6 Years somewhere on the interwebs. It’s actually a single cask Ardnamurchan bottled by Adelphi, but nicknamed Ardnagherkin because of its pickled, sour aromas. Sounds uhm… I don’t know what to think.

The Ardnagherkin was released as a semi-official bottling (Adelphi owns Ardnamurchan distillery). I will preface this review by saying that I generally quite enjoy what Ardnamurchan are doing. And that I understand that this whisky was bottled as a curiosity, not as something to be taken too seriously. But my god, it’s just so bad.

Upon receiving a sample from Robbert (who I didn’t think had any reason to poison me), I of course immediately had a sniff straight from the sample bottle. You can’t not be curious about a whisky named Ardnagherkin. It didn’t seem to be all that bad at first. But when I poured it at home a while later and left it in the glass for a few minutes… Ooof Madone!

Ardnagherkin 2015 6 Years (59.9%, Adelphi, C#672)

Nose: This smells off. Epoisses cheese, manure, vinegar and smelly feet. Honestly, it really is disgusting and I don’t feel like dissecting this any further. But at least I’ll take a sip. For the sake of science, I suppose.
Taste: It’s actually quite smoky, but most peaty aromas were completely drowned out of the nose. For me at least. Hints of Prosciutto di Parma while the Epoisses makes an encore too. Somewhat salty.
Finish: `Mainly soot and smoke, but I don’t even care anymore.

I can say without any hesitation that this is the worst whisky I've ever tasted. I can only assume it was bottled as a some sort of sick joke. Let's just say this whisky puts the 100 point scale to the test. Tasting this was an academic exercise, and certainly not something I've enjoyed. Thanks for sharing, Robbert, I guess.

Photo: Whisky-Online

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