ardmore 2000 22 years whiskysponge

Ardmore 2000 22 Years (Whiskysponge)

Didn’t I recently mention that I was going to expand my Ardmore stash, which was non-existent at the time? I think I did. It must’ve been in a review of the recent WhiskyNerds release. Or maybe it was on Instagram. Either way, here’s one of the first results of that resolution.

This Ardmore 2000 22 Years from Whiskysponge crossed my path when Whiskybase started selling their releases earlier this year. Truly, the only reason I hadn’t bought anything from Decadent Drinks yet is because of Brexit. Ordering from the UK is a shit show, and I don’t feel like getting covered in excrement.

Regarding Whiskysponge releases that problem has now been solved by Whiskybase. When their newsletter dropped in my inbox announcing literally dozens of Whiskysponge bottlings, a sort of daze came over me and I had ordered two very expensive whiskies before I knew it. This Ardmore was one of them.

ardmore 2000 22 years whiskysponge closeup

Ardmore 2000 22 Years (54.2%, Whiskysponge, 541 bts.)

Nose: Pretty dark and rich, but not overwhelmingly intense. This has subtle hints of charcoal, smoked paprika powder and blackberries, as well as cocoa powder, polished leather, gunpowder and raspberry jam. Then some cigar tobacco, brown sugar and earthy touches too.
Taste: You could’ve told me this had matured in an ex-red wine cask, and I would’ve been inclined to believe you. Jammy red fruits, dark chocolate and earthy peat, while the tarry gunpowder makes an encore. It’s not dominant, but rather complimentary. Also hints of treacle, eucalyptus and teak.
Finish: Somewhat bitter, pretty long and a bit of lingering smoke.

The finishing cask has obscured some of the more signature Ardmore style, and what remains is an earthy, sherried peated single malt with sweet elements. Really good still, and no buyer's remorse here, but I think I prefer my Ardmore from ex-bourbon casks.

Photo: Decadent Drinks

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