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Anniversary Post: Glen Talloch Blended Scotch

Today is the third anniversary of Words of Whisky. Hooray! Time to grab something ‘special’ from the sample drawer and celebrate. So that’s why I’ve chosen to do a head-to-head of a well-known Dutch budget whisky, Glen Talloch Blended Scotch. Yep, very cheap stuff. Because, why not?

For previous anniversary posts I’d chosen to review two Port Ellen and a Glen Grant 1954. For the third anniversary I could’ve went with my last sample of Karuizawa, or a Talisker or Macallan from the 70’s. I also have two cool Aberlour 5 Year Olds from 1964 and 1965 waiting for a head-to-head. But I had a hard time deciding, so I figured it be nice to do a review of what are probably the two cheapest samples I have.

Glen Talloch is one of the best-selling budget blends of The Netherlands, something most of us Dutch whisky lovers have tried at one point or another. For the anniversary post I’ll review the current Glen Talloch Rare & Old (something exclusive after all! 😉 ) and a mid-90’s version of the Glen Talloch 12 Years Old.

The Rare & Old consists of 30 percent malt whisky and has matured at least five years. Balblair, Knockdhu and Speyburn are some of the components of this blend, which’ll set you back a grand total of 12 euro. The 12 Years Old is obviously older, but also has a higher percentage of malt whisky (at least 40 percent).

Glen Talloch Rare & Old (40%, 2016)Glen Talloch Rare Old

Nose: Unobtrusive and easy-going, meaning simple and not very complex, which is to be expected. Crisp and malty with candied lemons as well as some sawdust and glue.
Taste: Toffee, mellow oranges and spices. Slightly metallic and resinous. Very water-y, almost no body.
Finish: Pretty much non-existent.

Rating: 65

Glen Talloch 12 Years Old (40%, mid-90’s)Glen Talloch 12 years old

Nose: Different. A big hit of rubber, like the soles of new tennis shoes, glue and furniture polish. Weird stuff. Off-putting.
Taste: I have to swallow to even taste anything. It has no body whatsoever. Burned caramel. More rubber.
Finish: No.

Rating: 39


What the hell is wrong with that 12 Year Old? Was this bottle stored in the wrong conditions maybe? Meh, that stuff is just wrong. The Rare & Old on the other hand is, while not a good whisky, pretty much okay and way better than it’s older brother.

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