Glendronach cask (flickr ti yab)

An Unpolished Glendronach From The Mid-Nineties

Another whisky tasted as part of Yapi’s High End Blind Tasting. This time it’s a Glendronach from batch 7 of their single cask series. Most of the others participating in the tasting were very fond of this Glendronach. My opinion of it was a bit different.

Glendronach 1994 2012 cask 98

Glendronach 1994/2012 (58,2%, OB, C# 98)

Nose: Dried red forest druit, cherry, pure chocolate, coffee and sweet sugariness. But also damp wood, pine, leather, chili pepper and a musty aroma. The alcohol is pretty dominant. I like my sherried whisky to be a bit sweeter and have more of that lovely caramel and fudge.
Taste: Very dry, lots of tannins. Bitter. Chocolate, roasted almonds and coffee. This whisky is a bit rough. Don’t hesitate to add water, it makes it a lot more polished.
Finish: Some tobacco, lots of spices and some chocolate. A long, sharp and bitter finish.

Score: 84

A difficult whisky. One that I might like one night, and then not so much on another night. I tasted this on two different occasions, so I’m pretty confident in my final assessment. Not a bad whisky at all, but disappointing considering its price of 150 euro per bottle.

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