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Amrut Fusion (2022)

An Indian-Scottish fusion, it makes sense, right? After all, Indian food is incredibly popular in Scotland. So, there’s no reason Amrut can’t borrow a Scottish ingredient to create the Amrut Fusion. And instead of not being transparent about it, they make it a strength.

The Amrut Fusion is distilled from 25% of peated two-row Scottish malted barley. The initial PPM level sits between 25 and 30, however the finished peated malt has a level of about half of that. The other 75% is distilled from unpeated six-row Indian malted barley. This combination is then further married in ex-bourbon barrels for 6 to 9 months.

There’s no age statement on the Amrut Fusion, or on any other Amrut, I don’t think. That has to do with the high average temperature and humidity, which intensifies the maturation and leads to an angels’ share of up to 15% per year. If I were to guess I’d say the Amrut Fusion is maybe 5 years old? Not much older anyway, and likely younger.

Disclosing such a young age statement would probably be confusing for most consumers, who have no idea about the impact of the Indian climate, and would then ditch a young (but relatively mature) Amrut for a Scottish whisky with a higher age statement. So yeah, it makes sense to not prominently slap the age on the label. But, you know, maybe a small reference on the back label would be cool? Just an idea which I think would appeal to whisky geeks without scaring off other, more casual whisky drinkers.

amrut fusion

Amrut Fusion (50%, OB, Batch 117)

Nose: Opens up on notes of blood oranges, papaya and tangerines, but combined with barley husks, draff and vanilla custard. Just a touch of burlap, charred oak and dough too.
Taste: Somewhat syrupy mouthfeel. Hints of pineapple, mangos and just a whiff of bonfire smoke and cedar wood. A sliver of menthol too.
Finish: Medium length with soft spices and oranges.

The Amrut Fusion has tropical elements but is by no means a tropical fruit bomb. The barley notes and peat influence makes sure of that. Overall this is a quality single malt. Not the most complex, but highly drinkable and likable.

Photo: Whiskybase

Review sample provided by De Monnik Dranken

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