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Aberlour 33 Years / Inchmurrin 14 Years / Glenlitigious 12 Years (Whisky Sponge)

The Whisky Sponge series is almost coming to an end. Edition No. 100 will be the last in the range. A new chapter will be presented soon. But first, we have some unfinished business to handle. Let’s check out a few recent releases, including an elegant old Aberlour, undisclosed Glenfarclas and deliciously fruity Inchmurrin.

aberlour 33 years whiskysponge review

Aberlour 33 Years (49.7%, Whisky Sponge, Edition No. 92)

Nose: Full-on waxes alongside notes of hessian, cocoa butter and cotton candy. You want fruits? There are fruits. A tinge of mango, plenty of green apples, and peaches too. Slightly herbaceous at times, as well as touches of cherry pits.
Taste: Mouthfeel is on point. Waxy, like you would expect after nosing it. Honey, pollens. But also more fruits. Stewed apples, pear drops and even some nectarines. There’s a relatively quite note of eucalyptus as well, and oak spices are present too. It all balances out beautifully.
Finish: Medium length. A slight bitterness now, as well as hoppy wheat beer and a fruity sweetness.

Not your average malt. This Aberlour 33 Years from Whisky Sponge stands out because of its waxiness, but convinces due to the neat combination of fruits, herbs, gentle bitterness and (very subtle) spices. It just works.

glenfarclas 12 years glenlitigious whiskysponge review

Glenfarclas ‘Glenlitigious’ 12 Years (53%, Whisky Sponge, Edition No. 93)

Nose: Damp dunnage floors. Slightly earthy. But mostly (dried) red fruits. Dates, prunes, cherries. A bit vanilla-y at times. Honeycomb too. There are also notes of stewed apples, some pralines and soft oranges.
Taste: It loses some of its sweetness here. Plenty of herbs and spices, such as cloves and sage, as well as some pepper. Then also cooked fruits, some figs and barley sugar.
Finish: Medium length. Hints of walnuts, rye bread and dark chocolate.

I wouldn’t say this is your average Glenfarclas. Although, is there such a thing? The Family Cask series is hugely varied. Let’s rephrase that: this is not exactly what I imagine typical Glenfarclas to be. Not that it really matters. This Glenlitigious is a good malt regardless of its provenance.

inchmurrin 2009 15 years whiskysponge review

Inchmurrin 15 Years (53%, Whisky Sponge, Edition No. 94)

Nose: An immediate hit of creamy, custard-y vanilla. It takes some time before the fruits appear, but then they’re here in abundance. A good amount of green banana, also pineapple, the guava and finally some citrus peel. Also lychees. There’s a barely noticeable cardboard-ish note, which I find isn’t uncommon for Littlemill, and indeed Inchmurrin too.
Taste: Velvety mouthfeel. Classic Inchmurrin in some ways, but slightly sweeter also. More fruits of the tropical variety, but also a touch of marzipan. Grapefruit, banana, pineapple. Also a hit of white pepper. Really good.
Finish: Medium to long. A sweet fruit salad. Also a touch of olive oil.

I've said it before and will say it again: don't bother chasing expensive bottles of Littlemill. You get 98% of the same flavour profile with a good Inchmurrin. And this pick by Whisky Sponge is such an example.

Samples provided by Whisky Sponge

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