aberlour 1992 25 years old whiskybroker

Aberlour 1992 25 Years Old (Whiskybroker.co.uk)

Whiskybroker is at it again. Not too long ago, they released a 25 year old whisky from a prime distillery for ridiculous money. And usually when you say ridiculous money in context of the whisky industry, it means a lot. This is the exact opposite of that though.

Very on brand for Whiskybroker, a bottle of the Aberlour 1992 25 Years Old set you back less than 80 pounds, if my memory serves me correct. Matured in a sherry butt, that is not much for such a well-aged whisky. However, Whiskybroker releases almost always very affordable stuff, but usually it’s good or sometimes average, almost never great. To be fair, that’s probably too much to ask for anyway, considering their prices.

Aberlour 1992 25 Years Old (52,7%, Whiskybroker.co.uk, C#3921)

Nose: A thin layer of sugary sweetness as an overlay for aromas such as walnuts and straw, as well a succinct earthiness and butterscotch, with a distinct note of grape marc and ripe apple parts (I mean when you’ve left them out in the open for just too long). In the background there’s more room for raspberries and brambles. I like the complexity and contrast.
Taste: Yeah, very satisfying indeed. Somewhat spicy (cinnamon mainly, but also some ginger), but then there’s plenty of space left for thick, syrupy caramel, and bitter oranges, as well as ripe apple. Plenty of oak here as well.
Finish: Spicy and sweet. Medium to long in length.

Rating: 89

Very close to entering that elusive 90 point range, but there’s just a tad too much oak. Lovely stuff nonetheless.

Photo: Whiskybase

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