Balblair distillery

A Spicy And Creamy Balblair

For whatever reason, Balblair never really managed to get me interested, so it wasn’t till a couple of months ago that I tasted my first. And it was at the best place you can taste any whisky: at their respective distillery. Boy, had I been missing out! Not only is it a great distillery to visit (not touristy at all), their whisky is also wonderful. These are my tasting notes on the 2nd release of their 1997 vintage. A whisky that matured on first fill American oak barrels and was bottled at 46 per cent abv.


Balblair 1997 2nd release


Nose: The influence of the oak is easily detectable, a very nice vanilla smell. It’s a bit grassy, also some coconut shavings and a some glue, but in a pleasant way. There is some green apple and something tropical.
Taste: Some saltiness at first but then it gets sweet. Spicy and very creamy as well.
Finish: A medium to long finish, very spicy again.

Rating: 88

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of this one. It is very well balanced and I’m happy Balblair decided to bottle it at the percentage they did and not any lower.

(And yes, that’s me in the picture above)

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