Speyside distillery 1975 41 years old whisky-doris

A Speyside Distillery 1975 41 Years Old (Whisky-Doris)

Here we go again, one of those already legendary secret Speyside bottlings from the 1970s. There’ve been quite a few vintages, bottled by a variety of different independents. The year 1973 seems particularly lovely. But the A Speyside Distillery 1975 41 Years Old from Whisky-Doris has received some rave reviews since its release.

I’m more than curious to find out how this bottling, matured in a Fino sherry cask, stacks up against its slightly older brethren. You too? We’ll, let’s get on with it then.

A Speyside Distillery 1975 41 Years Old (46,9%, Whisky-Doris, C#22)

Nose:  Supremely waxy, with a good amount of flower honey, as well as furniture polish, eucalyptus and resin. Very expressive and rich, the extreme opposite of a shy whisky. Soft tropical fruits like pineapple and galia melon, as well as a hint of lemon yoghurt.
Taste: Chewy and oily, baby. Sweet fruits (ripe banana and mango), and lots of beeswax and honey. The tannins are light and enjoyable, instead of overpowering. There’s a whisper of coriander, and some soft spices too, such as black pepper.
Finish: Slightly drying, with fruit and tannins.

Score: 92

This is right on target. When these first came out, they cost around 300 euro. If you can find them now, you’re lucky to pay around 450 euro. Surprisingly, that is still a fair value in today’s market for such a quality, antique whisky.

Photo: Whiskybase

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