2 gingers irish whiskey

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

It was not my choice to write a blog post about 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey. It’s not very common that I write notes for an Irish whiskey that’s only available in the United States. But the choice was made for me by Norbert, when he sent me a blind sample of it a few weeks ago. Then I had to properly sit down with it.

So what’s up with 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey? A peculiar name, that’s what’s up. The brand was created by Irishman Kieran Folliard, while the liquid is distilled at Kilbeggan distillery. Originally only available in Minnesota, which is where Folliard lives (or lived?) and owned pubs, it is now owned by Jim Beam and available nationwide.

Before we dive into the tasting notes, you should know that this is 4 years old, and only distilled twice, instead of three times.

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey (40%)

Nose: Fresh green apples, accompanied by lots of sweetness at first. There’s caramel, vanilla custard, cotton candy and marzipan, with finally a wee bit of Demerara sugar. A subtle grassiness in the background, with just a touch of cinnamon.
Taste: Quite oily, which is always a good quality to find in a whisky. Very subtle, but there’s definitely some hints of smoke and ash, as well as notes of espresso, followed by bitter oak.
Finish: A lingering bitterness.

Rating: 79

Quite a difference between the nose and the palate, which was surprising. Can’t say I love this, but is is decent enough, especially considering that it retails for less than 20 dollars.

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